Limitations of APS Support in the Panel

About This Document

This document is addressed to independent software vendors who plan to distribute web applications among the Panel users. The aim of the document is to help vendors find out whether they can package their applications to APS to make them available through the Panel.

The document does not contain information about Application Packaging Standard itself or give application packaging instructions. It focuses on how the Panel implements APS and what APS packages are not supported by this implementation.

APS Support in the Panel

Application Packaging Standard (APS) is a set of rules that defines a web application packaging format. This standard is designed to ease the integration of applications in a service provider's infrastructure. It covers provisioning, management, and integration of cloud-based services and applications.

The Panel uses APS to offer third-party applications to hosting customers. These applications are presented in APS catalog, where the customers can buy or download them.

Currently, the Panel does not support all aspects of APS. Therefore, customers may have problems trying to install certain applications. To find out whether your application is compatible with the Panel, see section Plesk Panel Restrictions.

You can find more information about APS at

APS specification and supporting documents are available at

Restrictions on Packages Processing

The current Panel version has restrictions on APS applications processing. If an application requires performing restricted actions, the Panel will not install it. Particularly, these actions are the following:

If you need you application to perform these actions, consider other ways of integration with the Panel: API RPC, modules or Panel Notifications.

Also, the Panel does not support the following actions defined in the application package: